Z Type Material Conveyor              


The hoisting machine is suitable for food, food, feed and chemical departments such as the particle material vertical elevator.Hoist by chain transmission drive the hopper to ascend, for vertical conveying particles and small lump materials, has a large amount of ascension, improve degree of higher benefits.
 I. Technical parameters
Hoisting height: 3 m
17 m/min speed 0 – lifting capacity: 6 cubic meters/hour
The total power of 750 w
The electric voltage 380 v
Rules can be produced according to customer requirements material, carbon steel plastic or stainless steel, and material contact part for food-grade plastic
Z Type material conveyor advantages: 

1, All the gear bold, smooth operation low noise.
2. Chain bold and more stable operation.
3 And a half, delivery hopper to buckle type, will fall and fall.
4, Totally enclosed, clean and sanitary.