Host configuration:

The machine is equipped with dual CPU microcomputer control system, 5 inch LCD display in Chinese or English, user-friendly operation interface, automatic detection and tracking cursor, easier operation.High precision stepping motor is used to ensure the accuracy of cutting position of each packing bag.


Performance characteristics;

  1. The high-precision digital sensor enables the instant measurement of precision.
  2. Microcomputer control system, advanced technology, simple operation, more reliable use.
  3. Fast and slow vibration feeding, automatic error correction, high precision packaging.
  4. The two scales work alternately and the packing speed is fast.
  5. High quality stainless steel is adopted for the contact part of materials, which is easy to be cleaned by anti-corrosion and dustproof.

1. Double independent weighing hopper weighing: not easily affected by the outside world, separated from the bag, working fast.
2. The feeder will adjust itself according to the specific gravity of the material during work to achieve higher precision and faster speed.
3, independent single weight sensor: work more stable, higher sensitivity. Break the current domestic traditional instrument control system.
4, can set the time to automatically remember the current number of packaging times, easily transfer the handover, and timely feedback the current product qualification rate.
5, five language operation interface, with the action time can be set, the operation is more intuitive and convenient.
6. With calibration procedure: equipped with weight and calibration hook, it can be easily calibrated at any time, which is especially useful for weight drift that is not used for a long time.
7. The weighing hopper is sealed by a glass cover and is equipped with a dust collecting device to facilitate dust collection, which can greatly reduce the pollution to the workshop.
8. The weighing bucket adopts the hook type, which can be directly disassembled to facilitate the removal of residual materials and cleaning.

Packing speed10-40bags/min
The length of the bag30-180mm
The width of the bag30-130mm
Packing capacity5g-2000g
Bag styleBack seal
Weighing Scale Pet Food / Bird Seed Packaging Machine 50-5000G

Automatic Multi-Function Sealing Bag Granule Rice Packaging Machine For Nut,Coffee Bean,Popcorn,Peanut