This dried fruits packing machine adopts corecting system controlled by microcomputer, owing t a response signal is handle and set pass through microcomputer, vegetable seed packing machine can accomplish whole set to synchronization, sack length, position fixing, voluntarily follow the tracks of light-mark and volutarily diagnose trouble and show to screen. 
This dried fruits packing machine can automatically complete a series of actions, such as bag making, the measuring, filling, inflating, counting, sealing, code printing, material giving, stopping in certain quanting, fixed-bag cutting and same cutting. 
The dried fruits packing machine suitable for package of foodstuff, seasoning, medicine (For example: puffed, fried fresh chip, cracknel, mooncake and so on.) 
Belong to packing material of hot-sealing, such as polyester/polyethylene, nylon-compound membrane, strengthen-compound membrane, BOPP and so on.

Parameters of dried fruits packing machine:

Packing Speed30-90 Bags/min30-60 bags/min
Total Power2.2KW/220V2.5kw/220v
Measure Range50-200g200-1000ml
Gross Weight480kg400KG
Bag Size Marking (biggest)14*28cm(back-side sealing)L:80-280mm W:80-220mm
The Thickness of The Packing Film0.04-0.08mm0.05-0.1mm
Diameter of the Rolling Paper=<400mm<=450
Outsize Dimensions820*900*1980(mm)1100*800*2000mm
Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Nimko Coffee Bean Granule Almond Dried Fruits Packing Machine