The equipment can work to set parameters according to the needs of different products vacuum chamber about reciprocating cycle to work ,the working process of the completion .when the vacuum chamber on the left side the workspace of pumping air into vacuum state, the product can be put on the right side of the workspace,so that we can improve the work efficiency.

Application of the automatic vacuum packing machine
Vacuum packaging machine is suitable for all kinds of materials, rice, vegetables, fruits, soybeans, meat and other things that need to be fresh.This kind of effect is good, not easy to rot.It keeps fresh.The machine is simple and easy to operate.It is divided into double chamber vacuum packing machine and single chamber vacuum packing machine

vacuum packing machine
Machine nameVacuum packing machine
Dimension vacuum cabin720*620*130mm
Side seals600*(8-10)*4mm
Pack ability90-360/hour
Powder supply380v/50hz/2.2kw
Outline dimension1425*750*930mm
Machine Weight350kg
Machine nameSingle vacuum packing machine
Seals size400*(8-10)*130mm
Pack ability60-160/hour
Machine weight85kg
Machine size520*515*910mm