Semi Automatic weighing filling line

for packing granulate or small bulk products with the function of convey,feed,weigh and output finished bags SEMI AUTOMATICALLY

Typically weighing and packing Rice, Sugar, Frozen Foods, Seeds, Grain, Ice Cube, Snack Foods, Nuts and Pulses, Tea and Coffee, Dried Foods, Pet Foods, Dry Baby Foods,  Melon Seeds, Food Additives, Chicken Essence, Granola, Muesli, Fertilizer, Feed, Black Cumin, Currant,  Pistachios, Berries, Potato Chips, Chocolate Nuts, Fodder, Tablet, Pepper etc.

 Heads Number 2-head (Optional)
 Hopper Capacity 20L
 Filling Range 1 ~ 10Kg
 Filling Speed 5 ~ 20bags/min
 Filling Accuracy 1 ~ 20g
 Driving System Step Motor
 Material Feeding By manual or conveyor
 Control System MCU + Modular PCB board
 Building Materials SUS304 stainless steel
 Options Front Plastic Enclosures / Foot Actuation Switch / Dimple Plated Surface /  Larger Capacity Hopper / Pneumatic Air Cylinder Fine Flap etc
Two heads large weight linear filling packaging machine

Two Heads with 20L Capacity to each Hopper
Step Motor Driving System
Program Memory up to 10
Self-learning Software, no boring seting
Food-grade SUS304 Contact Parts
Unique Design with Dribble Feed Gate
Tool-free and Quick to Remove for Cleaning
Control System Modular MCU + PCB Board, 7″ Touch Screen
Digital Sensor to Enhance the Speed / Precision / Anti-jamming Capacity