Sunflower Seeds Ziplock Bag Fill Packing Machine

1.Easy to change bag size and bag type.
2.Easy to adjust Printer range.
3.Machine optoelectronic system can check bag,material filling and sealing situation to avoid failure.
4.Stable worktable with low noise and long life as the bottom drive system.
5.High bag opening effective and low machine failure rate.
6.Sample wiring arrangement with high quality electronic components
LTC8-200 main machineEight stations
Bags sizeW:80~210mm L:100~300mm
Bag typeFlat bag. Stand-up bag. Zipper bag. Stand-up zipper bag. Spout bag
Filling Volume30 – 2500g depending on type of products
Capacity25-60 bags/min for common bag
8-35 bags/min for side spout stand-up bag
10-50 bags/min for zipper bag
Weight & power supply1400kgs,380v 50HZ 3P 2.5kw
Compress air requirement0.6m³/min supply by user
Working flow
1.Bag feeding (No bag feeding,no filling,no sealing)
2.Date printing (or it with option bag zipper opening)
3.Bag opening (No bag opening,no filling,no sealing)
4.Material filling (No filling,no sealing)
5.2th material filling
6.Buffering or function
8.2th sealing and output
Electric elements
Temperature ControllerOMRON
Touch ScreenSIEMENS
Frequency ConverterSCHNEIDE
Magnetic ValveFESTO


1. What’s the difference of your vertical bag magazine and horizontal bag magazine?
Vertical bag magazine is designed for normal bag such as 3-side seal and 4 side seal flat bag,back sealing flat bag and stand-up
bag without zipper. Horizontal bag magazine is designed for complicated bag such as side spout bag,side spout stand-up
bag,stand-up bag with zipper. Choose right bag magazine can improve produce efficiency.

2. What’s the difference of your rotary bag feeding packing machine and VFFS packing machine?
The rotary bag feeding packing machine can pack different type bags and widely size by adjusting bag magazine easily. The bag
generally with high quality which show on the high goods shelf.
The VFFS packing machine just can pack one bag type or only few bag size. If you want to change,you may need order extra model
machine or bag former…operating complicated.

3. What should I provide to you for choosing right machine model?
A. Production name and its pictures
B. Your bag type,bag type,volume of each bag,capacity you require
C. If you decide to order our machine,please provide 200pcs bags to run machine(if can provide production better).
D. Your special requirement such as nitrogen flush…etc

4. What production can be packed by pre-made bag feeding rotary packing machine?
Solid products: puffed foods, candies,nuts,beans,dry fruits,frozen foods,commodities…etc
Granule products: any seeds,granule medicine, seasoning, fertilizer…etc
Powder products: any flavoring, flour, washing powder,spicy powder…etc
Liquid products: detergent,juice,paste…etc