Type LM-250SZLM-320SZLM-350SZLM-400SZ
Film WidthMax.250mmMax.320MMMax.350MMMax.400MM
Bag Length65-280MM65-330MM65-330MM150-400MM
Bag Width30-110mm50-150mm50-160mm50-180mm
Products Highmax.55mmmax.55mmmax.60mmmax.65mm
Packing Speed40-330bag/min40-230bag/min40-180bag/min30-150bag/min
Power220V 50/60HZ2.4KW220V 50/60HZ2.6KW220V 50/60HZ2.6KW220V 50/60HZ2.8KW
Machine Size(mm)3770x680x14203770x720x14204020x770x14204020x770x1420
Machine Weight440kg480kg580kg600kg

Food : cake, bread, meat muffin, flaky pastry,biscuits, green bean cake, several sausage in a bag, noodles, beef jerky, egg roll, etc
Hardwares : hinge, stainless steel pipe, bearings , screw,nuts and washer, etc
Hotel supplies : Soap, disposable comb, tooth paste and brush in one set.
Stationary : pencil, eraser, notebook, paper card, adhensive tape
Electric products :battery, usb cable, earphone, user manual and accessories in one set.
Medical : mask, glove, gauze, capsule.
Daily use: plastic knife, fork, plate, sponge, scourer, wipes, several straws in a bag, cups, bottles, napkin etc.