DCS-B25 particle material quantitative packaging scale, is our company’s latest development of a new generation of intelligent packaging scale. This machine mainly is composed of four parts: automatic weighing device, transmission device, bag sewing device, and computer control system. With reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, smooth operation, saving energy save electricity, easy to operate, weighing the accurate measurement, etc.

Features of Rice Packing Machine:

The machine adopts self-flow of material, large, medium and small three pneumatic cylinder control measurement, anti-interference, and realizes automatic error compensation and correction.

Application of granular Material Quantitative Packing Scale:

Corn, wheat, soybean, peanut, compound fertilizer industry such as particle materials automatic quantitative packaging.

Technical specification of Rice Packing Machine:

Precision+- 0.2%
Packing Capacity4-6 bag per minute (single hopper); 8-12 bag per minute (double hopper)
Weighing scale5-25kg per bag
Power Supply220Va.c and 4N-380Va.c,50Hz (can be customized by local voltage)
Power Dissipation1kw
Machine size1000×700×2500mm
Conveyor size2200×300×150mm
Compressed Air0.4MPa~0.65MPa
Compressed Air Consume0.6m per hour