Soybean Milk Powder Packing Scale Machine Filling Machine With Cheap Price
Powdery materials, such as flour, starch, protein powder, mineral powder, cement, etc.
Granular materials, such as rice, wheat, seeds, beans, rice and so on.
Special materials, such as bran, soybean meal, powder particles, etc.
Can be widely used in flour mills, rice mills, feed mills, oil plants, chemical cement and other industries.
The main structure is composed of quantitative weighing body, computer weighing controller, conveyor, sewing machine and so on.

There are two kinds of double twisted dragon feeding material and belt feeding material, and it can be equipped with explosion-proof and environmental protection air suction device and stainless steel inner tube according to the requirements of users.

The computer is imported from abroad with high weighing accuracy

Import precise weighing sensor to measure weight, computer to process and control data, and cylinder to perform action.

High degree of automation, fast speed and good stability

Exquisite structure and beautiful appearance

DCS 5-10150~280bags/hour
DCS 30-40200~240bags/hour
accuracy0.2~0.5 grade
environment temperature0~40°
power supply380v,220v
compressure air 0.4MPa~0.6MPa
Soybean Milk Powder Packing Scale Machine Filling Machine