1. This automatic potato chips bag packing machine can be used to pack various solid and granule material: such as beans, puffed food, pet food, potato chips,  dates, pistachios, rice, raisins, candy, peanuts, jelly, candied fruit, walnut, almonds, meat balls, sugar, salt, biscuits, frozen dumplings, chocolate etc.

2. This automatic potato chips bag packing machine conforms to the food processing machinery’s sanitation standard. On the machine, the spare part which contacts the material and pouch conforms to the standard of food sanitation request on material processing, food health and security guarantee.

3. It’s fully automated operation, is improved and the production of a kind of high quality, high performance automatic packaging machine, complete automatic feeding, measuring, bag-making, deviation, filling, sealing, date printing and finished product output and a series of automatic functions.

ItemsSmall Scale Manufacturing Peanut Packaging Machine
Packing speed10-50 bag/min
Bag size(L)100-450mm (W)100-350mm
Bag making modePillow-type bag, standing bag, punching device
Range of measuring5000ml(max)
The maximum width of packing film400mm(diameter)
Air consumption0.6Mpa300L/min
Main power/voltage4KW/220V
The weight of switchboard680kg
Small Scale Manufacturing Peanut Packaging Machine

1. sealing type: back sealing packing method.  

2. operation: packing running data and adjustment are directly displayed on the display. the user can directly 

operate it on the displayer.

3. function: making bag, metering, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and printing batch number.

4. body material: 304 stainless steel

5. filling type: multi-head combination weighter.

6. This machine can finish measuring, pulling, feeding, forming, cutting automatically.

7. Chinese-English operating screen display, easy operation and maintenance.

8. Mitsubishi PLC control system insure steady working conditions, and available to adjust any parameter without stopping the machine.

9. Adopt step motor to pull film, more accurate.

10. Independent temperature control system, precision±1 degree.

11. Independent control of horizontal / longitudinal temperature, to ensure a good fit of various kinds of complex film.

12. Automatic alarm protects system, to save the waste into minimum limited.

13. for the weighter, high-accuracy, high speed; choose the best fit though the computer.

14. for the weigther, high-accuracy digital weighed sensor to ensure instantaneous counting.

15. for the weighter, waterproof and dustproof function to keep clean.

16. for the weighter, automatic slight adjustment of hopper door to avoid crash and seize.

17. for the weighter, automatic counting system to record total production, percent of pass, single bag error.