Application :Sheet material packing scale for open-mouth bag

Suitable for portion pack of flaky chemical and viscous powders, drug, feedstuff, grease, chemical and other granular or granular materials with powdery materials ( such as water reducer, industrial naphthalene, flaky stearic acid ,bean pulp, linter pulp ,granular (powdery ) feedstuff, tea, etc.

Features :Sheet material packing scale for open-mouth bag

Use high sensitivity single sensor, without partial loading ,accuracy is better.

Adopt seat structure, simple installation, will not be affected by vibration in the surrounding environment ,installation period is short.

Structure parts is simple, maintenance cost is less.

Using target shortcut key input mode, operation is easy and simple, instrument with function of bags number & cumulative production

Technical Data :Sheet material packing scale for open-mouth bag

TypeWeighting (kg)Capacity (bag/h)voltageAir source(Mpa)Accuracy
DCS-50-PD25-50 160-260220/380Vas your requirement0.4-0.60.2 Grade
Sheet material packing scale for open-mouth bag

 The machine shall be guaranteed by the seller against poor materials, poor performance and poor workmanship for a period of one year from the date of commissioning. During this guarantee period, the seller will provide the buyer with free maintenance and free spare parts that caused by the machine’s quality upon receipt of advice.