ApplicationIt is suitable for the filling and capping of various viscous materials , application of agrochemical, daily chemical, food and other industries. Can be matched labeling machine equipment into the production line.Features:

Filling part:

Accurate measurement:Servo control system ensures high piston travel to reach high accuracy.The accurate measurement is within ±1.0 mm
Variable filling speed:When the filling capacity is close to the target filling capacity, the variable speed can be applied to achieve slow filling to prevent the liquid from overflowing the bottle mouth.
Easy to adjust: To change the filling specifications, you only need to change the parameters in the touch screen, and all filling heads are changed in place by once time.
Hygiene and convenience: The whole machine has taken anti-leakage treatment, and the pipeline is fast-connected for easy maintenance.

Screwing capping part:

First, put the cover to the falling cover position by cover machine – then take the lid to the bottle mouth – adjust the lid – use the side to clamp bottles, and screw the cap with the capping head with the clutch.

Technical parameters

Filling head44
Applicable bottle shapeW Φ 20- Φ 60 mm , H 50-150 mmW Φ 40- Φ 90 mm , H 80-230 mm
Dia. of bottle mouth≥ Φ 15mm≥ Φ 18mm
Applicable coverΦ20- Φ50 mmΦ30- Φ70 mm
Filling volume30ml-500ml50ml-1000ml
Production speed≤ 2400b/h≤ 2000b/h
Dose accuracy±0.5%-1%±0.5%-1%
Power supplyAC220V , 50/60HZAC220V , 50/60HZ
Air pressure0.6-0.8 mpa0.6-0.8 mpa
Machine size2000x1200x2000mm (L X W X H)2000x1200x2000mm (L X W X H)