This machine is the intelligent packaging for the development of granular materials and irregular materials. Using pneumatic gate feed or belt feeding mode, advanced frequency conversion technology.
The packing unit is mainly composed of four parts, which are automatic weighing packer, conveying device, sewing device and feeding machine. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, beautiful shape, convenient operation and accurate weighing.

Application of Fertilizer Packing Machine
Applicable to fertilizer powder, lime powder, mineral powder, glucose powder, zinc oxide, calcium chloride, cellulose powder and other kinds of illiquid quantitative packaging powder or powder and granular materials.

Features of Vertical Packing Machine
♦ English and Chinese figures show that simple and intuitive, packaging specifications continuously adjustable, any change working conditions, operation is very simple.
♦ two kinds of feed delivery is incorporated quantitatively accurate, high precision.
♦The weight value is set, store, modify, and other functions. Having zero and automatic zero tracking function.
♦ The total package weight and number of bags accumulated display.
♦with weighing, unloading bags and folders process chain control function.
♦with automatic and manual tare function.