Semi-automatic Particle Products Weighing Packing Machine

It is multipurpose weighing filling machine which is made of stainless steel with stable performance,lower consumption,high efficiency, safety and cleanness,it’s an ideal equipment which can be used for packing food ,tea,herb,dry powder,granules,seeds,grain,wheat,nut,beans,small hardware and components etc.


  1. Stainless steel large capacity hopper,can hold about 25kg (take rice for example).
  2. Material contact parts are made of 304 stainless steel,food grade and energy saving.
  3. High efficiency,low noise equipment,running smoothly.
  4. Intelligent panel control,filling weight and filling speed can be set at your option,more precise and fast.
  5. You can control it by foot pedal switch,save time and effort.
  6. Reasonable design,it comes with convenient omni-directional wheel,easy to move.
Materialstainless steel
VoltageAC 220V/110V 50-60Hz
Function weighing and filling
Filling range2-25 kg
Filling errorabout 2-5g (it also depends on product material)
Working speedabout 5-15 bags/min (it also depends on worker’s operation speed)
Machine dimension72*44*114cm
Hopper size28*28*40cm
Machine gross weightabout 73kg
Semi-automatic Particle Products Weighing Packing Machine