1. High precision high speed special metering control instrument, has the advantages of strong function, high reliability, large flexibility and expandability, fully adapted to repeat highly continuous production.
  2. It has the functions of overshoot suppression, automatic drop correction and over error automatic alarm and so on.
  3. The machine is a new type of mechanical and electrical integration. It adopts computer control technology, imports high-precision weighing sensors.
  4. The material contact parts are made of high quality stainless steel SUS304.
  5. The size of the bag clamping device can be changed to fit packing bags of various sizes.
Model DCS-A50
Filling range 10-50kg(adjustable)
Feeding method screw auger
Filling capacity 25kg*(7-10)bags/min
Power supply 1.8Kw, AC380V, 3phase power, 50/60Hz
Pneumatic power supply 0.4-0.6MPa
Whole machine weight 460Kg
Machine dimension 240cm*160cm*280cm
Bags material applied Woven bag, craft paper bags for sewing sealing;
PP, PET, Compound film bag ect for heat sealing

Feel free flowing juice powder, protein powder, milk powder, coffee powder, seasooning powder, spices powder, masala powder, wine powder, chilli powder, fruit powder, toner powder, medical powder so on.