Hot Selling Semi Automatic Bag Weighing 15 kg Wood Pellet Packing Machine

This Packing Machine is applied to quantitative automatic weighing, filling, kneading, accumulating weigh and times, stitching and conveying with manual assistant for powder material in the flour factory or material such as pellet shape. Generally, the quantitative filling machine includes packing scales, sack closer, and belt conveyor these three parts.

1 There is detecting device in system.

2 Processes function of automatic modifying drop height.

3 Processes function of self-test, error pilot and fault code indication.

4 With the serial interfere to communicate the computer.

5 With five-figure password to control the accumulator in system.

6 Pre-set filling number in system.

1.Completely digital working;Pneumatic controlling

2.Convenient and simple operation,low labor intensity.

3.Muti-weighing controller

4.Automatic falling correction;Precise running by Sensor and Meter 5.Various package sizes

6.Heat sealer/stitching for bag sealing

7.Easy control (one-touch-type)