Powder Filling Machine


This machine is suitable for packaging fluidity Powdery product like milk powder, albumen powder, solid drink, white sugar, dextrose, coffee powder, rice powder, fodder, pharmaceuticals, agriculture pesticide, granular additive, dyestuff etc in bag,can,bottle package. Stainless steel design, in line with GMP standard, It can do measuring and filling work.


1, With mechanical, electrical, optical, instrument in whole one, single-chip control, with functions of automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement errors and so on.

2, Speed quickily: use The spiral blanking, the light-control technology

3, High precision: use The stepper motor and electronic weighing technology

4.5-5000g of materials may be on the same quantitative packing machine continuously adjustable, by adjusting the electronic keyboard and different models of blanking screw

5, Applicable to a wide range: a certain fluidity of powder-like, granular material all can be packed.

6, Suitable for bags, cans category, Bottles and other containers powder Packing

7,The error caused by the proportion of materials and materials level changed can be automatically tracked

8, Photoelectric switch control, only need manual set bags, pocket clean, easy to seal

9,The material contact parts are made of stainless steel production, easy to clean to prevent cross-contamination

10, Can be configured with feed device,for uses more easier for users

Technical Specification:

Weighing Range:50-500g 
Packaging Accuracy:≤±0.3%-1%
Packaging Speed:20—50bags/min
Power Supply:220V 60Hz
Total Power:1KW
Total Weight:180kg
Overall Dimensions:800×750×1800mm
Hopper Volume:30L
Semi-Automatic Auger Coffee Power Filling Machine