packaging sugar machine is suitable for packaging materials with good fluidity, such as washing powder, dry seasoning, seeds, salt, feed, monosodium glutamate, white sugar and so on.

Semi automatic sugar packing machine features

1.Suitable for occasions where the material variety and packaging specifications change frequently. 
 2. Designed for vibration feeding and weighing of electronic scales, which overcomes the shortcomings of measurement errors caused by changes in material specific gravity. 
 3. The touch screen display is simple and intuitive, the package specifications are continuously adjustable, the working state is arbitrarily changed, and the operation is very simple. 
 4. Two scales can also be discharged in parallel.
Product Paramenters

Product namePackaging sugar machine
Model DCS-25
Voltage220v, 50Hz
Measuring scope1-25kg
Packing speed350-500bags/h
Machine dimension2200*600*3200mm
Semi automatic 1kg 2 kg 5kg sugar packing machine