Semi-Automatic 10Kg,20Kg,25Kg,50Kg Bag filling machine pellet packing machine

pellet packing machine is Mechanical &Electrical Integration high-tech product which is used in the auto quantitative packing process of packaging production line.

pellet packing machine Feature:

Speed Packaging , High precision, Digital display,
Intuitive and easy to read, Simple manual operation, Strong environmental adaptability

High reliability:
Main components of the control system are SIEMENS and SCHNEIDER products;

The pneumatic system mainly adopts AIRTAC and FESTO products

Reasonable mechanical structure:
obtained a number of national patents, good system maintenance-free, material adaptability;

The part in contact with the material is 304 stainless steel

The equipment covers a small area, convenient and flexible installation, adjustable speed, fast and slow feeding through the controller to view, easy cleaning and maintenance

Packaging Material:
Powder material with good fluidity (Premix fertilizer, flour, starch, feed, silica powder, aluminum oxide, etc.)

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Soybean packing scale: Packing Weighing range: 15-50kg

Packing speed: 200~300 packages/hour

Display resolution: 10G

Measurement accuracy: Static 0.1%, Dynamic 0.2%

Air supply: Pressure: 0.6mp, Air consumption: 0.5m3 /H

Packing scale: AC220V/50HZ Conveying sewing bag: AC380V/50HZ

Total power: 2.7kw

Installation height: 2780MM

Temperature range: – 10 ~ 40 °

Relative humidity: 90% RH(No Condensate)