semi-automatic powder filling machine, it is suitable for packing powder and granular materials, such as: milk powder, feed powder , rice powder , coffee powder , monosodium glutamate, solid drink, glucose, solid medicine, etc.

Product feature:
1.The whole machine is made of stainless steel ;
2.Chinese/English is displayed in touch screen ;
3.The machine is designed in term of National “QS” and “GMP” ;
4.The combination of whole sealed , stainless steel and plexiglass box ,can open by sideway ,make the clean easily ;
5.You may store 10 kinds of working parameters in the machine ;
6.For the dusty material , we can add a vacuum device to keep the workplace clean .
7.The machine suitable for lot kinds of package size and powdery material through changing the auger attachment .
8.Servo motor drive screw ,got high accuracy .
9.This machine we add weighing system ,can got better accuracy .

Technical Parameter
Metering ModeAuger filling , Electronic-sensing weighing feedback
Package Weight10-500g changeable( by changing auger attachment)
Package Accuracy±0.3-1%(according to the material )
Packaging Speed12-25bottles(cans)/min
Power Supply380V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
Hopper Volume25L
Total Power1.4Kw
Overall Dimensions2450*700*1770mm
Operational StylePLC control system ,5.7 inch colorful touch screen