Full Automatic Nut hemp Seeds Sunflower Seeds Packing Machine Manufacturer


  1. Adjustable volumetric cups, convenient operating experience.
  2. 7 inches touch screen, easy operation and multiple language for choice.
  3. Imported PLC equipment, machine performance is stable and easy for parameters adjusting.
  4. With a memory function for storage 10 sets of parameters. Easy to change different packing product and package sizes.
  5. Separate PID temperature controller, suitable for various packing materials.
  6. Multi-union roll film pulling system makes film running more smooth.
  7. Double servo film-dragging structure, enable stable bag forming for perfect bag shape.
  8. Sophisticated sealing framework achieve the consistency of bag sealing and cutting.
Film WidthMax. 450 mmMax. 550 mmMax. 750 mm
Bag Length80-300 mm80-400 mm100-490 mm
Bag Width65-215mm65-265 mm120-365mm
Packaging Speed15-45 bags/minute10-45 bags/minute5-35 bags/minute
Range of Metering150-1500 ml150-2600 ml500-5000 ml
Film Thickness0.04-0.12 mm0.04-0.12 mm0.04-0.12 mm
Power220V  50Hz  5KW220V  50Hz  5KW220V  50Hz  6.5KW
Net WeightAbout 650 KGAbout 850 KGAbout 2500 KG
Automatic Nut Sunflower Seeds Packing Machine


Debugging of equipment until everything is functional;

If any issues happened, you can contact us to fine out a solution by phone call or online face to face communication in 12 hours;

Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;

Our engineers & technician are available to be send to your countries for services if you agree pay the expenditure;

12 months warranty (Electric accessories)