DCS series bagging scales (auto packing machines) are applicable to free-flowing granular materials packing, such as rice, maize, wheat, soybean, cotton seeds, grass seeds, monosodium glutamate(MSG) seasoning, sugar, vitamins, feedstuff, amino acid, urea and other granulated chemicals.

Pressure sensor of feed hopper collects the weight information to the weighing controller. According to setting parameter and collected signals, the controller will send switching value to PLC. Then PLC will control fast or slow feeding, discharge and other movements by setup program. One foot switch controls the bag clamping device through PLC, the other foot swith controls the sewing machine.

Measuring Range5-50kg5-25K/50kg5-25K/50kg5-50kg
Accuracy Grade±0.2-0.5%±0.2-0.5%±0.2-0.5%±0.2-0.5%
Gas Pressure/
Gas Consumption
Voltage380V  1100W380V 1200W380V 1500W380V 1500W
Pack Speed4-8 Bags/Min5-10 Bags/Min10-20Bags/Min10-20 Bags/Min
Seed automatic weighing packaging machine wheat corn packing bagging scale