DCS Electronic Automatic Weighing Packing Machine
1) Function: auto control quantitative weighing and packing
2) Application: granular materials such as cereal grains and seeds, feed, spices, and chemicals.
3) Weighing range: 10~65 kg/bag

DCS series bagging packing scales (auto packing machine) combine automatic electronic quantitative weighing with packaging in one machine. The machine can also combine with conveyor, bag-sewing machine or sealing machine, forming automatic quantitative, bagging, sewing or sealing packing line for various materials.

Working Principle of DCS Electronic Bagging Scale:
Pressure sensor of feed hopper collects the weight information to the weighing controller. According to setting parameter and collected signals, the controller will send switching value to PLC. Then PLC will control fast or slow feeding, discharge and other movements by setup program. One foot switch controls the bag clamping device through PLC, the other foot swith controls the sewing machine.

Advantages of DCS Electronic Bagging Scale Auto Packing Scale
(1) Easy installation even for new worker.
(2) Accurate calculaton, fast packing speed, stable function, easy operation.
(3) Automatic weighing, filling, sealing, thread cutting off, only manually grip the open mouth of bag.
(4) All contact components with packer are made of stainless steel food grade.
(5) Automatic date printing (optional, only for heat sealing module)
(6) Microcomputer high-speed sampling and PLC processing, perfect control and management for various packings.
(7) Advanced feeding system ensures the accuracy and speed of automatic weighing.
(8) Equipped with different feeding mechanisms and different sizes filling bin, can meet different packaging requirements of various weighing ranges.
(9) Digital variable speed control system will be provided for auger conveyor feeding to ensure the accuracy of feeding speed and weighing.

corn, seeds, fertilizer, animal feeds packing machine