Application of Machine
It is suitable for weighing grain, stick, slice, globose, irregular shape products such as candy, chocolate, jelly, pasta, melon seeds, roasted seeds, peanuts, pistachios, almonds, cashews, nuts, coffee bean, chips ,raisins, plum, cereals and other leisure foods, pet food, puffed food, vegetable, dehydrated vegetables ,fruits, sea food, frozen food, small hardware, etc.

Packing Speed30-50 Bags/Min
Packaging Accuracy±0.1-1.5g
System Output≥8.4 Ton/Day
Salt sachet small scale filling packaging machine
1. Material conveying, weighing, filling, date-printing, finished product outputting are all completed automatically.
2. High weighing precision and efficiency and easy to operate.
3. Packaging and pattern will be perfect with pre-made bags and have the option of zipper bag.
Salt sachet small scale filling packaging machine

Z shape bucket conveyor

The conveyor is applicable for vertical lifting of granule product such as corn, food, fodder, plastic and chemical industry, etc. For this machine, the bucket is driven by the chains to lift.
Chain material: 304SS. 
Bucket material: PP
Conveying Height: 2.5-3.8m
Conveying Volume: 2.5-5CBM/hour;
Controller: Frequency converter.
Machine body options: 304SS frame or Mild steel frame.

It can be customise according to customer’s diferent requirement.

Multihead weigher

It is for weighing product according to your target weight.

For different product characteristics and target weight,we have different heads weighing machine.

Machine type:4 heads, 10heads ,14 heads,20 heads

Machine accuracy :± 0.1g-1.5g

Material weight range: 20-5000g

Working platformThe platform is compact, stable and safe with guardrail and ladder.
The platform is mainly used to support the weighers, and it is also the general accessorial equipment in the packaging system.
304SS Frame The standard size: 1.9m(L)*1.9m(W)*1.8m(H)

Rotary packing machineIt is for packing premade bag,such as flat bag,stand up bag,stand up bag with zipper.