Salt Packing Packaging Filling Bagging Machineis a full line of equipment that our factory has meticulously developed for crude raw sea salt and lake salt.
PP woven bag machine, plastic bag packing machine and plastic bottle packing machine are ready for your options.
It uses physical washing method to get finished edible food salt, industrial salt or livestock salt.
The capacity could be made to order, there is no limitation in capacity.
The equipment is of simple operation, simple structure, simple maintenance and high production efficiency.

Salt Packing Packaging Filling Bagging Machine
Salt Packing Packaging Filling Bagging Machine
  1. Raw salt stock bin
  2. Quantitative spiral conveyor
  3. Iron remover
  4. Belt conveyor
  5. Spiral salt washing machine
  6. Salt slurry pump
  7. Contranatant washer
  8. Stirring salt washing machine
  9. Tickening machine
  10. Double push centrifuge
  11. Salt spiral conveyor
  12. Iodized machine
  13. Vibrating fluid bed drier
  14. Cooling fan
  15. System induced fan
  16. Cyclone
  17. System blower
  18. Spray dust catcher
  19. Host blast furnace
  20. Rotary screen
  21. Probability vibrating screen
  22. Electronic quantitative packing machine
  23. Packing machine
  24. Air compressor
  25. Finished salt stock bin
  26. Electrical Cabinet
  27. Electric Generator