Jelly Milk Cup Filling And Sealing Machine

automatic cup filling and sealing machine can be customized according to client’s cup size, and it can also work with pre-cut piece film and roll film. It adopts anti-dripping piston filling type for high viscosity products. The whole machine adopts motor and aerodynamic optimization to cooperate to complete, fully automatic cup feeding, automatic filling, automatic placing film, automatic sealing and other functions.

The machine can be customized for filling sealing packing ice cream, yogurt, milk, soymilk, chilli sauce,juice, honey, ketchup, mineral water etc.

Working process:
Cup dropping → Filling → Al-foil suck → Sealing → Cup exiting
Cup dropping → Filling → Roll film sealing → Capping → Cup exiting

Filling Speed700-900 cups/hour
Filling Range5-400ml
Filling Precision±0.5%(take the maximum filling volume for example)
Gross Weight200Kg
RemarkCan code (optional)
Automatic Yogert Ice Cream Liquid Plastic Turntable Cup Filling Sealing Machine
automatic rotary type plastic cup filling and sealing machine