Our Multi-function Multi-function Automatic Packaging Weighing Scale Used Granule Rice Grain Beans Packing Machine, good price grain packaging machine, features energy saving and easy operation. The automatic multi-function granule packaging machine, or granule packing machine, is suitable for quantitative packaging of granular materials with good fluidity. Such as fertilizer pellets, feed pellets, plastic pellets, corn, peanuts, soybeans, wheat, melon seeds, rapeseed and other food crops.

 Rice Grain Quantitative Bagging Scale
Rice Grain Quantitative Bagging Scale


1. High precision, fast speed, long life, good stability, manual bagging and automatic measurement.

2. Human-machine interface operating system, simple and convenient operation, PLC control, advanced technology, more reliable use.

3. The digital display is simple and intuitive, the packaging specifications are continuously adjustable, and the operation is very simple.

4. Specially designed feeding and hopper metering, bagging and unloading at the same time, does not affect the blanking metering.

Technical Parameters of packaging granule rice grain beans packing machine

Machine name Multifunction Granule Packaging Machine
Speed 3-10 bag/min(Can be customized)
Voltage 220V 50Hz, 380V 50Hz(Can be customized)
Weighing range 25- 50 Kg/bag (Can be customized)
Driven mode Pneumatic
Material type Granules, small particles, grains.
Application material Grains, washing supplies granules, etc
Application industies Food, home textiles, chemicals, toys, daily use things, etc