Product Grains 
Measurment:Volumetric cup
Hopper capacity:40L
Film width(Bag former):Max.320mm (back seal 50-320mm , 3 side seal 50-300mm  . 4 side seal 120-280mm)
Bag width Max.150mm (back seal 20-150mm , 3 side seal 25-150mm  . 4 side seal 60-140mm)
Bag length30-220mm ( If special order can do 250mm,280mm)
Measurement range20-250ml (if dosing cup max 120ml)
Packing speed10-70bag/min
Biggest film diameter300mm
Film thickness0.04-0.08mm
Packaging film materialsLaminate plastic film(OPP/CPP.OPP/CE.MST/PE)
Power220V,50/60HZ, Single Phase
Machine size L1100*W755*1730mm
RemarkMechanical Type
RemarkMachine food touching part is stainless steel , body is carbon steel , if stainless steel covering add USD 200 , if 4 side seal add USD 100 ,EASY CUT FREE
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Function and structure characteristics

1. The machine structure is compact, step motor to pull membrane , solid,Reliable, stable performance, low noise

2. Using photoelectric eye control system, reliable and stable performance

3.The frequency control of motor speed, more stable operation, lowernoise, low failure rate

4. Automatic from measuring, bagging, date printing to finished productsoutput off.

5.Use spring compression principle, pneumatic cutting, five packagemore stable