Quantitative Open Mouth Bag Fertilizer Packaging Scale

Introduction of Fertilizer Packaging Scale:

Fertilizer quantitative packaging scale machine according to the actual demand design for portable, convenient to outdoor work, mainly is suitable for the liquidity good granular quantitative packaging, small granular bulk materials. Feeding way for pneumatic conveying, according to the domestic grain feeder structure design, thus guarantee the speed. One-piece machine for steel structure, making the packing scales on the job more smoothly, guarantee the service life. As the package of fertilizer when changing environment and position, so the machine USES wheel device, convenient to move back and forth. The weighing control system is equipped with high-precision weighing sensor and weighing display instrument, ensure accuracy. Match for the domestic and international advanced brand electrical appliances electrical system, ensure the machine in working long hours under the reliability of electrical appliances. Humanized design, packaging range change, conveyor height, height of sewing machine, fence position adjustment is very convenient; Conveyor is equipped with the back switch, for stitching defects of packaging, can be returned to the secondary suture.

Structure of Fertilizer Packaging Scale:

  1. Storage bin 2. transport warehouse 3. Blanking mouth 4. Clip bag device 5. Electrical control box 6. Steel structure of the frame 7. Belt conveyor 8. Sealing machine.

Characteristics of Fertilizer Packaging Scale:

1, in Chinese digital display simple and intuitive, packaging specifications continuous adjustable, any transformation work status, operation is very simple;

2, has three various feeding way to choose from, including quantitative, high precision;

3, has said the value set, store, modify, and other functions;

4, with functions of zero and automatic zero tracking;

5, and the total weight with packing bag for cumulative display function;

6, weighing, discharging and interlocking control functions such as clip bag; In addition to 7, with automatic, manual skin function.

Main Technical Parameters of Fertilizer Packaging Scale:

Model: B25 (sand special packing machine)

Machine size: 2800 * 1300 * 3600 mm

Weighing range: 20-50 kg

Packing speed: 360-480 bag per hour (calculate by sand kg)

Measuring accuracy: 0.2% (about 50 g pack sand)

Air pressure: 0.5-0.7 MPa

Sewing machine head: GK35-2C (optional GK35-6A type automatic head)