DCS-100X2-LJ quantitative packing machine was mainly composed by four parts: host machine, conveyor device, sewing equipment and Computer Control System, etc. The host machine uses dual hopper, pneumatic control three-speed blanking. It can measure the materials accurately, clean equipment easily, so the materials won’t pile.

Model: DCS-100X2-LJ
Packing speed: 6- 12 bags per minute;
Weighing scope: 20- 100kgs per bag;
Tolerance: ±50g
Control method: PLC
Supply voltage: AC 380V
Power of main engine: 0.9KW
Gas supply: instrument air without oil or dust
Pressure: 0.4—0.6Mpa
Gas consumption: 0.4N m3/min

DCS-100 Quantitative packing weigher
DCS-100 Quantitative packing weigher