Small – dose packaging scale

  1. Function of automatic quantification, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement error, etc
  2. Easy to use, not limited by the production site
  3. High precision: step motor and electronic weighing technology are adopted
  4. The parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel, meeting the standards of food and medical packaging
  5. Controlled by microcomputer, the parameters can be adjusted, and the error can be automatically corrected


  1. Microcomputer control: parameters can be adjusted, the error can be automatically corrected.
  2. Easy to use: free from production sites.
  3. Anti-corrosion performance is good, do not pollute the material.
  4. Bags, bottled two containers can be.

Technical Parameters:
Packing specifications: 1-2000g
Packing speed: 1500-2500 times / hour
Accuracy error: 0.1-1.0g
Power supply: 220V 300W
Dimensions: length width height = 600*500*1600 (mm)