Widen Application of Fertilizer Packing Machine
Applicable to fertilizer powder, lime powder, mineral powder, glucose powder, zinc oxide, calcium chloride, cellulose powder and other kinds of illiquid quantitative packaging powder or powder and granular materials.

Model: DCS-100X2-LJ
Packing speed: 6- 12 bags per minute;
Weighing scope: 20- 100kgs per bag;
Tolerance: ±50g
Control method: PLC
Supply voltage: AC 380V
Power of main engine: 0.9KW
Gas supply: instrument air without oil or dust
Pressure: 0.4—0.6Mpa
Gas consumption: 0.4N m3/min

Length: 3 m Speed: 5-20m per minute (adjustable)
Width of belt: 400mm Max capacity: 15 bags per minute
Supply Voltage: AC380V Power: 0.37KW