packing machines automatic juice filling machine

 juice filling machine can realize bottle washing, filling and capping 3 processes automatically. It applies to juice, mineral water, and other drinks, including drinks containing gas. Meanwhile, it applies to PET bottles and plastic bottles. You only need to turn the handles to adjust to different sizes of bottles.

Features of automatic juice filling machine

  • Compact structure, efficient control system, easy operation, high automation.
  • You only need to replace the star wheel in the capping part and arc guide plate to adapt to different shapes of bottles.
  • All parts that connect with fluid are made of food-grade stainless steels. With no dead angles, it is easy to clean.
  • It adopts constant high-speed filling values. They can achieve accurate liquid level and no splash.
  • The sealing part adopts magnetic constant torque device. It can ensure the sealing effect with no harm to the bottle caps.