Overview of fertilizer packing machine

This packing machine is mainly used for automatic quantitative packaging of powder materials, such as, flour, starch, feed, food, chemical industry, light industry, building materials industries.

Features of fertilizer bagging packing machine

High precision: Choose high precision weighing controller, good reliability.

Overall good, small footprint, flexible installation.

Speed adjustable: Feeding methods of powder type of equipment is the spiral feeding. Fast and slow feeding are controlled by controller and the speed can set at random.

Environmentally operation: sealing cyclical system, prevented from flying, improved working environment protected the health of staff.

Reasonable structure: Compact structure, small body, can make fixed or movable body machine according to user requirements.

Computer quantitative scaleDCS-25
Weighing range (kg)10-25
Weighing speed200-300
Permissible error0.20%
Equipped with power2.2KW
Air supply0.4-0.6Mpa,0.1m3/min
Weight (kg)500
Organic fertilizer weight packing machine