We can provide all equipments of packaging line, including the batching system, packing machines

(semi-automatic/full automatic), hopper, conveyor(2/3/4/5/8 meters etc), various item of elevator(belt/screw/bucket elevator etc),automatic bag stacking/palletizer machine, air compressor, sewing/heat sealing machine, thread for sewing and so on.

We have made many cases of packaging solution for feed, fertilizer, flour, starches, grain, soil, stone, manure, chemical,mining, coal, cement, lime powder etc industries.

Product nameBig Woven Bag flour packing packaging bagging filling machine
keywordflour packaging machine
organic fertilizer packaging machine auto bagging machine

Structure:  The unit consists of the ration automatic packing scale and the selecting and matching parts: conveyer, the hemming machine and the heat seal machine. It uses conveyer to feed the material, and the feed gearing is suitable for a comparatively worse fluidity of powdery material and grainy material. The main component parts are: conveyer, weighing and clamping box, the computer control, and pneumatic actuator.

organic fertilizer packaging machine auto bagging machine