Screw type automatic soybean meal/quantitative packing scale/soy meal auto packaging machine, powder auto packer scale

DCS-25-2 powder packing machine is used for automatic packing flour, starch, powder feed, powder food, powder chemical products, medicine and so on. It is composed of: weighing machine, feeding machine, frame, control system, conveyor, sewing machine, etc., optional folding machine, automatic sealing machine and dust collector.

2.Technological Process

Before packing, need set the target weight on the meter by manual. The customer can adjust it according to the requirements.Putting the bags into the discharge hopper by manual , and turn the bags’ clamping switch, after the control system received the bagging signal, will contorl the air cylinder to contorl the gripper to clamp the bags.

At the same time, the feeding machine starts to feed the material into the packing scale. It is double-screw feeder machine. After reached the target weight, the screw feeder machine stops feeding, the bags’ clamper opens automatically, so the bags fall down to the conveyor, the conveyor transports the bags backward for manual sealing, and then transports it backwards to complete the packing process.


3.1.Easy operation: adjusting the weight through the meter, the operation is simple and fast.

3.2.High precision: using high-precision weighing control system, with good reliability.

3.3.High integrity: compact structure, small size, flexible and convenient installation, can be made into fixed or mobile type according to customers’ requirements.

3.4.Speed adjusting: screw feeding, fast feeding and slow feeding are realized by the controller, and the feeding speed can be set arbitrarily.

3.5.Environment protecting: closed internal circulation system, effectively prevent dust out, improving working environment and protecting workers’ health.

3.6.Wide scope of application: avoiding the problems of inaccurate weighing, slow packing speed, sticky materials, pushing materials and other problems caused by materials’ moisture changes, sticky materials, loose materials and so on.

4.Technical parameters

4.1.Packing range: 10-50 kgs/bag.

4.2.Division value: 10 g.

4.3.Packing speed: 400-500 bags / hour(according to packing materials).

4.4.Packing precision: 0.2%F,S.

4.5.Working environment: relative humidity less than 90%.

4.6.Compressing air: 0.4~0.8MPa, max air consumption: 1.0 m³/min.