We specialize in the production of dry mortar plant,we can equip our dry mortar plant with different dry mortar packaging machines.Impeller type valve packing machine, pneumatic type valve packing machine, Open mouth packing machine, Ton/Jamboo bag packing machine. Here we focus on the introduction of BH open mouth packing machine.

Our new type automatic open mouth packaging machine solves the previous problems of bag drops when applicate to different volume bags on traditional open mouth packing machine, now it add configuration with height adjustable board, which is flexible changed according to the bag height, to convenient to pack 15-50kg various specifications bags. 
The equipment is mainly adopts the automatic weighing and filling, frequency converting control discharging speed, automatic weighing instrument has self correction function, to achieve accurate weighing for various density material in different tank pressure. Stable and reliable. It integrates automatic weighing, tapping, conveying, sewing bag as one, and has a compact structure, novel design and convenient operation.


1.The machine installation 3pcs of high precision load cell provide high weighing accuracy, also the bag clamping 

2.device installation 2pcs of cylinder and 2pcs of sensor switch, bag clamped more tighter, bag giving more safe.

3.The open mouth bagging machine usually working with the automatic bag sewing machine with automatic start/off and single needle

This open mouth packing machine is mainly used in flour, starch,  alkalis, chemical materials, building materials, washing powder ultrafine powder, etc. such as dry mortar, putty powder, vitrified microsphere, inorganic insulation mortar, cement, powder coating, powder, granule materials, silica sand, plastic particles, animal feed, granule fertilizer, urea, seed, rice, sugar, beans, corn, peanut, wheat,PP, PE .The weight from 10kg-70kg are available.