1. High precision, high speed, long life, good stability, manual bagging, automatic metering.

2. Not subject to the restrictions of packaging containers, suitable for occasions where the variety of materials and packaging specifications change frequently.

3. Designed for vibration feeding and electronic weighing, which overcomes the shortcomings of measurement error caused by the change of material specific gravity.

4. The digital display is simple and intuitive, the packaging specifications are continuously adjustable, the working state is arbitrarily changed, and the operation is very simple.

5. For dusty materials that are easy to produce, we can install the dust-removing interface or vacuum cleaner independently designed by our company.

6. The material contact part is made of stainless steel, which effectively solves the corrosiveness of the material.

7. Its design, less transmission parts, no need to install and maintain the platform bracket.

8. Three-speed feeding mode of adjustable gate, with automatic fast and slow feeding, higher measurement accuracy.

9. There are high-speed metering to improve production efficiency.

Working Principle:

1. Single-chip operation, digital tube display.

2. The electromagnet vibration base is cast iron.

3. Weighing bucket sensor

4. The vibrator electromagnet is produced and supplied by Xinxiang Gaofeng Electrical Appliance Factory.

5. The working receiving port is 720cm away from the ground.

TypeDouble Bucket Automatic Weighing Machine
Measuring Methodweighing type (industrial electronic scale)
Machine Power500 watts
Feeding Methodtwo vibrators, two-stage feeding
Unloading Methodsingle bucket cutting and combination cutting, single bucket cutting refers to the same product inside the specified package grams to cut off, combined cutting refers to multiple buckets in multiple different products at the same time filling Heavy, reaching the grams of packaging while the material is finally poured into a container.
Packing Specification1g-5000g 400g-15kg (resolution adjustable)
Weighing Range1g-5000g 400g-15kg
MaterialAll stainless steel
Single Bag Error ±1g single bag error  ±3 (determined error according to material flowability)
Packing Speed10-20 6-12 bags / minute
Machine Weight200 kg
The Whole Machine Volume720×720×2200mm
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