new double chamber tea bag packing machine in high quality


The machine with plastic aluminum foil or plastic film for packaging material, for liquid, solid, powder paste food, food, fruit, pickles, preserved fruit, chemicals, medicine, electronics, precision instruments, rare metal vacuum packaging, such as the vacuum packing items can prevent oxidation, mildew, bug eat by moth, decay, be affected with damp be affected with damp, with good quality fresh longer.Especially suitable for tea, food, medicine, stores, research institutions and other industries, is beautiful, compact structure, high efficiency, easy operation, etc.

Technical parameter

300180W1500g/time,3 bags/time385×320×370
320370W2500g/time,6 bags/time420×420×610
500550W15000g/time,5 bags/time800×530× 610
new double chamber tea bag packing machine price