Pump motor power0.95KW
Sealing power500W
Vacuum limit1KPa
Each room heat sealing number2
Sealing length400mm
Sealing width10mm
Seal to seal size442*420*75mm
Displacement pump20m³/h
Machine Size540*490*965mm
Multifunctional Single-Chanber Vacuum Packaging Machine Vacuum Sealer Machine


  1. It’s suitable for work at relatively narrow site or need move the site frequently;
  2. Easy to operate, just need to press the vacuum chamber cover, then press the set procedure to complete the vacuum pumping;
  3. After being packed in vacuum, the product is well protected against oxidation, mildew, moth eaten and damp, thus extending the
    storage period of the product;
  4. The vacuum chamber is made of transparent plexiglass to monitor the whole vacuum pumping process;
  5. It also have DZ-300T, DZ-400T. The vacuum chamber is quite larger.