5kg and 25kg powder filling machine 

Product Description

Introduction:Stainless steel: conforming to the GMP and food health authentication, suitable for packaging the corrosion resistance chemical products. PLC touch screen and man-machine interface: PLC works stably, antijamming, high weighing precision, convenient and easy operation; Weighing feedback proportion track type, overcoming the shortcoming of changes of packaging weight caused by the changes of material proportion. Servo motor-driven: high precision location, strong torque, long life, adjustable rotational speed. Speed reducer: low noise, long life and lifelong maintenance. Packaging weight adjustable at any time, operating condition changeable as necessary, convenient operation  

Technical Parameter: 

Metering mode5kg and 25kg powder filling machine 
Packaging weight2-30kg(screw attachment changeable)
Weighing range2-50kg(Resolution 20g)
Packaging weight≤100g with an error ≤±0.5-1g
Packaging weight100-1000g with an error ≤±0.5%-1%
Packaging weight>1000g with an error ≤±0.25%-0.5%
Packaging rate10-50bags/min
Power supplyThree-phase 380V(or single phase 220V)50-60Hz
Total power1.8KW
Hopper volume50L
milk powder packing machine for 25kg packs

5kg and 25kg powder filling machine Installation/Operation/ Service/ Maintenance Manual: In English

Warranty: One year from the date of completion of the commissioning

Pre-shipment Inspection:

Supplier should trial run whole line at supplier’s factory before shipment; Supplier has to run the machine at least 1hour for each product;

 All raw materials for that trial run to be arranged by supplier at their cost.

 If components were damaged in guarantee period, we shall send the spare part free of charge for changing, if the components were damaged beyond guarantee period, we shall supply the spare part at factory cost price. The related courier fees will be responsible to the buyer.

We provide the lifelong maintenance service. (Commissioning fee plus flight tickets, hotel and dinner fee are all at buyer’s account.)