Title: A Milk Powder Filling and Canning Line will be Exported to the United States

July 1st, it is the first day of the second half of year 2017. An automatic milk powder filling and canning line arrived in Qingdao port. It will be exported to the United States. This is a start for Uniaote Machinery company, because this is the first step to the United States market.

It is ideally situated with easy access to aviation, rail and truck transport services. The company designs and manufactures fully automated filling and packing machines.

Before year 2016, their business was limited in China local market. Over the past 16 years, it developed many new products to meet market requirements. The company has accumulated a lot of experience from their projects and they use this experience to perfect their technology. 
Such as: 
1. The automatic double auger filler powder filling machine: This machine is equipped with online weighing and feedback system. The system is originated from this company, and has achieved the Chinese High-tech Achievement Award and various technical patents. The automatic double auger filler filling machine is usually used in the milk powder filling and canning line. 
2. Another product: Automatic Powder Filling and Capping Line. It’s one of their main products. According to data over the past two years, Uniaote Machinery company sells one set of powder filling and capping line almost every week.

“There is no best, only better” are not just words to them but a way of life. The products can meet, and even exceed, many customers’ diverse needs by providing designs. Customers’ satisfaction is their motivation.

They encourage customers to bring their filling needs and provide company with exactly what they need. They know that their products and business are valuable and when customers choose one of the systems they are making a choice of guaranteed excellence.