Automatic fertilizer packaging machine is used for automatic weighing and packaging for granule material into big bag from 10kg to 50kg. Automatic heavy bag packaging machine is made up of material silo, digital weigher, bag supplying unit, filling packing unit, conveying system and sewing system. Developed by our company to solve the problems of less available workers, higher labor cost and unstable manual operating quality for granule material big bag packing requirement. We supply also subsequent checker weight and robot palletizing system.

Unit configuration: material silo, digital weigher, bag supply system, packing system, conveying system and sewing system

◎Material: contact parts S.S 304 (or S.S 316L if need)

◎Electric parts brand: Siemens/Schneider/Omron/Delta/ABB etc

◎Packing speed: 8~14 bags/min

◎Filling range: 10kg~50kg

◎Applied material: grain, animal feed, NPK or compound fertilizer, chemical material etc.

Bag size(mm)L: 800~1000 W: 450~600
Bag materialKraft bag, Woven bag, PE laminated bag
Sealing typeStraight sealing
Package range(kg)10~50
Accuracy±0.2% to± 0.3%
Power rate(kw)around 7.5
Power supplyAC 380V/50HZ
Compressed air(Mpa)0.6~0.8
Noisearound 77dB
Environment Temp.~20 ℃ to +40 ℃
MAP DAP TSP Fertilizer Packaging Machine