This series is widely used in the film packing of milk, all kinds of drinks, soy wine, yellow wine etc. All packing procedures:ultraviolet ray sterilization, molding of bags, print of dates, filling with fixed quantity, sealing and the designed to meet state hygienic standard.A and B model adopt single-layer polyethylene film while C model employ composite films.Among them,B model is twin type designed so it can fill two types of liquid middle sealing, side sealing and photo-electric detection.


The machine can direct use of 220v voltage is fully automatic packaging, easy to operate, and effective to provide the working benefit to save the cost of manual packaging.(customizable 110v60HZ)

Adopts hydraulic cylinder quantitative measurement, quantitative precision, with double temperature independent control of the sealing, sealing closely, without manual operation, the material liquid pour mechanical automatic quantitative packing seal, a series of complete, is the good helper of each big processors capable.

Functional packaging, applicable to each big industry use, packaging of liquid, paste, milk, beverage, soya-bean milk, boiled water, shampoo, food, liquid, chemical liquid, medicine liquid, etc…Best characterized with horizontal mixing, can mix liquid items such as sauce, suitable for packing for chili oil liquid mix with hot pepper seeds, sauce barbecue sauce ketchup items such as packaging, specific can consult customer service staff

Applicable bags; Compound membrane transparent bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic bag, various hot seal bag rolls and so on.

Technical Parameter

speed1800-2100 pcs/h1000-1300 pcs/h
Volume range100-500ml200-1000ml
pacnking sizeL30-150mmW40-150mmL50-250mmW40-175mm
power of machine1.6kw 220V AC2.5kw 220V AC
weight of machine270kg380kg
overall dimensions850*800*1800mm1050*850*2050mm
Liquid Packing Machine