The Big / Jumbo Bag Filling Machine can be used to fill big bags ranging from 300 kg to 1000 kg. The operator simply has to place the bag on bag hooks and clamp the mouth of the bag.Options to seal the mouth of the bag with an inflatable gasket can be provided. The operation of filling the bag is done in two stages i.e. coarse feed and fine feed. Once the target weight is achieved a weight achieve signal is shown. Periodic consolidation of the material will be done to ensure that the product is compacted.

Jumbo bag super sack corn powder packing filling machine
Jumbo bag super sack corn powder packing filling machine


  1. Rugged heavy duty lift and weighing frame;
  2. Four tension load cells with signal combiner;
  3. Microcomputer based Weight Controller provides accurate set points;
  4. PLC controls allow up to four “Intermediate” settling cycles of bag during filling;
  5. Dual-wall filling spout with inflatable sealer and dust collection port;
  6. Air filter/regulator with lockable shutoff valve;
  7. Powered jogger settler;
  8. Hi-amplitude low frequency pneumatic settling.

Model: DCS-1000-Z1
Packing range:500kg-100kg
Packing speed: 15-25bags/hour
Power: 8.5kw
Voltage: AC380/50(3PH) (according to your requirement)
Precision: OILMR61*(0.5) ±0.05%
Air source pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa
Conveyor belt: 4m