This machine is a full automatic production line with such processes as automatic cup-loading, filling, photoelectric pattern proofreading, heat sealing.It can automatic cup dropping (cups can be stacked, but can’t stick together、automatic filling、automatic foil suck、automatic sealing and automatic delivery of finished products to the assembly line for mass production.

Flling Range10- 300ml ( Customizable )
Packaging speed2000 cups per hour
Working air pressure0.4-0.6mpa
Machine SizeAbout 1200*1200*1750mm
WeightAbout 380kg
Caliber of cupCustomizable
cups filling and sealingmachine


  1. Over-current and overvoltage automatic protection, safe and reliable.
  2. Split type with independent lifting frame, air cooling, The performance is close to that of water-cooled machine.
  3. To be used together with automatic assembly line, or work independently.
  4. All electronic components adopt international first-line brand products.
    5.All stainless steel molding shell with elegant appearance.
Ice Cream Filling Capping Sealing Machine