sealing machine is suitable for woven bag, heavy film bag, paper bags, multiwall paper bags or plastic (PE) composite bag mouth, the machine can according to the programming automatically opening of the packaging bag dust removal, pruning, suture, cut wire braid, package tape, paper cutting, heat sealing, pressing, counting process. 
After being sealed, suture, package tape, hot pressing of the packaging bag sealing performance is excellent, dust-proof and mothproof, anti pollution, packaging materials is properly protected.


1.* Adopt to Teflon (Teflon) sealing tape, not easy to stick, smooth surface, good sealing quality.
   * The series of models using light, machine, electrical integration of advanced technology, to achieve the automation and efficient. The series has 9 standard models, to provide users with a wide range of choices.
   * The machine can be combined with automatic metering, filling machine, and conveyor,forming automatic production line.

2.Using NEWLONG brand sewing machine head.

    This precision built sewing head is not only the fastest bag closing machine but also the most versatile of all heads currently available.
    Suitable for sewing sealing paper bag, PP woven cloth bag,jute bag and every type of open mouth sack.