bag sewing machine:

This bag sewing machine adopts photoelectric switch control start and stop sewing machine, automatic cutting, automatic folding,Suitable for higher automation plants, feed mills, fertilizer plants, food processing plants, ports, terminals and other enterprises to realize the full M-woven materials, paper bags, bags and other automatic packet.

Technical parameters of gunny bag sewing machine:

Voltage380V 50Hz 3phase
PowerBag-sew machine:0.37Kw; side-fold machine:0.15KwConveyor:0.55Kw
Height of bag300-1000mm ; Adjustable
Transmission speed5-15m/min
Sewing speed300-600bags/hour
Length of conveyor3m
Air pressure0.6 MPa
Industrial Automatic Fertilizer Gunny Bag Conveyor Belt Bag Sewing Machine