High Speed Automatic Pouch 500g Salt Sugar Packing Machine
High Speed Automatic Pouch 500g Salt Sugar Packing Machine

1.According to customer demand for customized, to recommend the appropriate products to customers.
2.Imported PLC control systrem,colourful touch screen,easy operation with auto warning protection function to minimize loss.
3.Automatic correction function can save time and film and more intelligent operation.
4.Double frequency constructed mechanical structure with less worn ,easy maintenance and long life.
5.Good service,If you have any questions, you can communicate by telephone \ video.

Power   3 KW   Film width   Max.420mm
Dimension(L*W*H)   1388*1116*1536 mm   Max width of the Film   420 mm
Weight   500 KG   Voltage   110V/220V, 50HZ/60HZ
Speed   5~60Bags/Minutes   Function   Sealing , Wrapping
Bag Width   100~200 mm    Warranty   1 year
Bag Length(Max)   300 mm   Material quality   201/304 Stainless Steel
Filling range   2500mL   Control   PLC
Packaging Type   Bags , pouch , Stand-up Pouch
Film Roll Diameter   Outer diameter ≤350mm.Inner diameter 75 mm
Packaging Material   OPP , CPP OPP , CE PET , PE NILO , PE PE
Bag sealing type   Standard pillow bag, pillow bag with gussetd,bottom bag and much more
Application   Chemical , Commodity , Commodity , Food , Machinery & Hardware , Medical , Textiles
Optional device   Date coder, Hole punching device (Pinhole,Round hole, The butterfly hole), Linking bag control device, Air-filling device, Air exhaust device. Tear notch device, Nitrogen inflation device, Gusset bag
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