rice packing scale are widely used for various granular products such as: food, grain, feeder and chemisty. The function of the machine includes weighing, auto filling and bags clothing.


  1. New controller with high precision, working stable, can display the total weight, number of package, easy operation.
  2. The adaptive software, having the function if automatic control parameters setting, automatic drop revising, over-weight warning and auto-diagnosis.
  3. Wide packing range, high precision, it can match well with conveyor and sewing machine.
  4. Products using imported sensor, pneumatic actuator, easy maintenance and non-pollution.
  5. The main material body is carbon steel, with painted plastic. And material contact part is stainless iron, corrosion resistance, long service life.

DCS-1 DCS-5 DCS-25 DCS-50 DCS-50
 Packing range 0.2-1kg 1-5kg 2.5-25kg 5-50kg 10-100kg
Power& Air supply (KW) AC220V 50HZ 0.4-0.8M Pa
Packing speed 300-500bag 300-500bag 300-420bag >300g >300g
 Division value  2g 5g 10g 20g 20g
 Dimensions(M) 1.72*0.62*0.71 1.89*0.62*0.71 2.45*0.65*0.715 2.56*0.65*0.7 2.96*0.73*0.775
rice package scale